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Our Ten Best Tips to Look Great In Business Headshot Photos

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Let our Ultimate Guide to Looking Great in Photos make your next photo experience even better–this is everything you need to know to feel confident in your photos.

If you find yourself saying things like, "I look weird in photos."

You are not alone. Most clients feel that way, a little unsure, all-the-way to feeling vexed about getting photos made.

My tips will cover clothing, body positioning, expressions, and a tiny bit of adjusting your mindset to give you a better result on your next photoshoot. As a professional photographer in Huntsville, Alabama, for the past 20 years, I have seen quite a few adults struggle with knowing how to feel good about getting their headshots done.


TIP #1 Do Not wear Loose Fitting Clothing.

Instead, wear well-fitted, layered clothing that fits you well.

The types of clothing I am talking about are bat-wing shirts, boxy shirts, bulky sweaters, peasant tops, oversized suit jacket or anything too big for you. This will photograph in a way that will make you look a lot larger in your upper body.

Instead, layer your look with a lighter shirt with a dark outer layer on top. A great example would be a white fitted shirt with a dark, fitted blazer. Wearing a darker outer layer, if it is well-fitted, is very flattering.

TIP #2 Avoid Clothing with Short Sleeves, any type of Shorts, or Short Skirts. Instead, opt for more extended options of clothing that cover legs and arms.

It is distracting because your eye will be drawn where your clothing stops and your skin starts.

The goal for a great headshot is to focus on your face first, and your clothing is secondary.

TIP #3 Accessories Are Not That Important. Instead, opt for none. Necklaces & Ties can shift and really throw off the symmetry of your photo.

The exception to this rule is if your personal brand always wears large necklaces or ties. Just be aware of how it looks after a bit of time and try and avoid options that you have to fuss with to look right.

TIP #4 Dress as You Would Meet With a Client. If you have a range of very casual to very dressed up, opt for something in the middle.

TIP #5 Wear the Color that Matches Your Personal Brand. I may have lost a few of you there but bear with me as I explain.

What I mean by your personal brand is we all have one, whether we realize it or not. Think of Steve Jobs as we wore a black turtleneck and jeans every day; it would be off-brand for him to wear a 3 piece purple suit. So keep that in mind when you pull outfits for your photoshoot. These tips also apply if you are going to be wearing makeup.

Neutral Colors are more timeless and reflect confidence, intelligence, and strength.

Pastel Colors can denote sweetness, feeling calm, and innocent.

Bold Bright Colors can help you stand out if you feel confident wearing them. It can represent boldness, leadership, and originality.

TIP #6 Avoid Busy Patterns or Stripes. Instead, opt for solids or minimal patterns.

If you are wearing a tie, make sure it flows with your suit jacket, and it doesn't grab up all the attention of your headshot.

TIP #7 Don't Pick a Color that Blends In. This is for your clothing and backdrops.

You don't want to wear a color tone that is the same as your skin or hair. Create contrast by making the color a few shades lighter or darker than your hair and skin tone.

QUICK TIP: Ask your photographer to shoot a few images on a white backdrop so you can easily remove the backdrop for marketing purposes.

TIP #8 Your Expressions, Don't Let It Trip You Up. This is for your clothing and backdrops.

You don't want to wear a color tone that is the same as your skin or hair. Create contrast by making the color a few shades lighter or darker than your hair and skin tone.

TIP #9 Get in the Right Headspace. There are a few ways of doing this and is one of the most essential things that only you can do!

Practice your expressions in front of a mirror and pair them with positive emotions. I suggest thinking about how much you love a family member or pets. When it is time for your photoshoot remember to feel that same good vibes as you make your expressions.

This can really help those with a resting face that makes people get the wrong idea about you. It helps you smile in your eyes, even if your expression is serious.

Wear an outfit you feel great in and that fits you well and it will photograph great increases your confidence.

Expect it to Go Well. The client who expects it to go poorly tends to not like their images no matter how great they look. You can't hide misery. So make sure you trust your photographer and enjoy yourself. Expect a great outcome, and it makes it so much easier to get images you are proud of.

TIP #10 Hire a Professional. Make sure you hire a professional photographer who knows how to make you look your best and has an atmosphere where you feel comfortable

A professional will know how to position you, the camera, and the lighting to look your best. A photographer will also have the expertise to naturally retouch and maintain the highest quality on the images you need. And if they are excellent at their craft, it will make it so much easier on you!

You now know everything you need for a great outcome. If you want to find out more about the Headshot Photography we offer at Bookout Studios Click Here.

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